Tuesday, 30 December 2008

i developed my film from summer and this is the best picture because its my foot and my best friends with our innitial tattos we got in august, its funny coz my feet look rank but girly coz of my nail varnish and jacks foot looks massive

love you jhf


Tuesday, 9 December 2008

you know that game you play when your drunk at the pub where you flip the beer matt up in the air with the back of your hand then catch it in your fingers, we accomplished that, so then we tryed flipping it up in the air, catching it on your palm, and then hitting yourself in the forehead with it, this photograph was a result of my camara phone doing the best job its ever done in illustrating a moment in time,,,,, and in case you haven't already noticed the beer mat in mid air.

a while ago

i did this its funny i guesss


being angry, made these bags today, this ones nice to look out but i realised screen printing with lines that little in a fucking piss take and i did ten and it took me an hour...sweatshop